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Why Are Stylish Gas Stations A Thing Of The Past?

With a few notable exceptions, modern fueling stations are often a mishmash of depressingly decaying features: old bolts rusting onto cracked concrete, a plethora of punchy advertisements for junk (and junk food), and architecture inspired by the inside of a cereal box.


Yes, we’re cherry-picking some fantastic examples of retro gas stations, and yes, many older stops were little more than some pumps and attendants—but what gives? Why can’t all stations look fantastic?


Now, with more choice than ever, you’re able to buy cars that run on electricity, biofuels, diesel, propane, gasoline, and hydrogen. Perhaps an enterprising firm could transform the forecourt into an area that attracts customers who actually want to be there, instead of the get-in-and-get-out cycle that happens today.

gas-station-5 gas-station-2

I’d gladly hang out at a modernist gas station. In fact, beautiful but disused designs, like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Nun’s Island station near Montreal, Canada or the ex-Agip station at Piazzale Accursio that Mario Bacciocchi designed are finding new life today. The former is now a beautiful community centre, while the latter is headquarters for Lapo Elkann’s innovative Garage Italia Customs.

Just think: the station down your street could have looked like one of these structures…

gas-station-7 gas-station-11

Taken from: Petrolicious

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By now it is no big secret anymore – The Le Coultre Deep Sea Alarm American version from the 1950s is one of most sought after diving watches in the world. Since then other blogs have been writing about it, most famously Hodinkee who brought the story of Eric Ku traveling far to buy one from a collector who paid virtually nothing for it. Collectors have another chance to buy a nice version at Antiquorum in HK who will be auctioning one on June 27th/28th. The deep sea alarm came in two different versions, the European version and the American version, which we find more attractive with the writing on the dial (see main picture above). Most American versions today have the wrong bezel insert not to mention the wrong hands and the wrong crowns (although this is a small problem that Jaeger can fix at a service). There are also many fake deep sea alarms now in circulation as well. So to find a correct nice example with the lume still half way in-tact on the bezel is very rare. The lume on the dial in the version Antiquorum is selling also seems intact. Since the Le Coultre was a diving watch- most versions are either completely destroyed or the dials full of damage (water, moisture, bezel broken etc). Why has the Le Coultre Deep Sea Alarm (DSA) become such an Icon? There are several reasons. First the watch is rare- only a little more than 1000 pieces were made. Secondly the watch is simply beautiful. When you think of vintage and patina- this is one of the watches collectors think of. The estimate of this watch is $30-40′ooo. Any successful bid within this estimate will be well worth it down the road.

sroda 0912

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INCARDesign – Check their work: incredible Mercedes SLR!

In this article we would like to present You a company which is advertising in our magazine: INCARDesign. It’s a professional company with big experience from Poland, that is handling with car designing, sewing and fitting up etc.

INCARDesign company provides professional services covering: designing, sewing and fitting up car upholstery. They provide their services in Poland, in Germany and also in the Scandinavian countries. Especially Scandinavian. Their clients are car and ship owners, car commission-houses, and funeral undertakers.
You can check here their new work… This awesome Mercedes SLR is made by INCARDesign. They provide special project for this kind of cars, which contains:
-sewing and fitting up car upholstery
-external foils
Watch their work on Youtube video:

The trump card of the INCARDesign company is the solidity of performed work with the competitive prices. As a young and very dynamic team they understand that their clients are the most important. Thus, the best payment they can receive from them is clients’ satisfaction. Respecting their clients and clients’ needs, they always aim to be helpful and open-minded.
The INCARDesign company covers all aspects of car upholstery services, starting from stylisation and ending with recovery of the damaged upholstery. INCARDesign offers upholstery to all car brands. They guarantee to their clients the finest quality service of manufacturing, a wide range of fabrics and short waiting time. Experienced staff is always willing to advise on the selection of the right fabric and sewing style. Before making the final decision, they take a picture of the new upholstery, so that clients can watch its visualisation in advance in order to decide whether or not they want to proceed.


old2 old3 old4
Using 10-year experience in the motor upholstery market operating as a company:, they decided to extend activities to meet customers’ expectations, and they created a new branch of services under the name Kingoldtimers.
Kingoldtimers it’s second company which is advertising in our magazine. You can check more informations on their website or contact via email (information below the article). The highest quality of their services has been appreciated by numerous customers throughout europe, and in particular in Scandinavian countries, where classic vehicles mean passion and style of life. Their team gathers the best professionals with many-year experience in the motor industry. All our orders are realized under contracts and priory prepared schedules of works, maintaining close contract with their clients. They encourage their customers to take active part in restoration of their vehicles, using current updates in the form of photographic documentation. They have individual approach to each customer, creating unique projects.


old6 old7 old5

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Few collectors may have paid attention. But last week in New York, a very rare 1962 Omega Speedmaster 2998-2 with a brown or ‘tropical’ dial offered collectors an important lesson in watch collecting. Estimated at a reasonable $5-8′ooo the watch ended up selling for an exceptional $28’750 or almost 6x the low estimate! Did the buyer overpay? Not according to us. Lets take a look why, the buyer in our opinion paid a handsome but fair price. Early Omega Speedmasters of the 2998 reference were made in 3 series and are considered rare today. Collectors like the 2998 reference as it carried the famed ’321′ calibre- considered one of the best chronograph movements available. So what is so special of the watch above? Several things. First notice the grey faded bezel with the Tachymetre scale of 1′ooo. It is completely original and this version of 1′ooo scale is more sought after and rare than the later scale of 500 that is also found on many early Speedmasters. Secondly the dial has faded to an even ‘brown tone’.


Collectors prize such dials as they contrast nicely with the grey bezel. While the dial is not in perfect condition (notice the marks within the sub-dials) it appears as if the lume is still original to the watch. Sure the lume is not perfect and seems to have ‘flaked off’ in many areas but this ‘patina’ is what many collectors love. The hands also appear original but sadly does not carry the same the lume color as the dial anymore. The seconds hand also appears original and the only thing that would have made this watch ‘even’ better would have been the large ‘lollipop’ hand that is often found on these watches. So an original dial that has faded naturally to a wonderful brown combined with the original and very rare Bezel insert that has faded to a nice grey is rare by itself. When this is found on a 2998-2 reference – collectors take notice. This explains the tremendous price achieved. Was the watch in perfect condition? No. Was the watch largely original? Yes. Combined with this ultra-pleasing grey / brown combination – it was not surprising that a bidding war took place. The buyer rightly saw the value of originality here combined with a stunning example of an already beautiful watch. Originality carries a large premium – in this case almost 600% above the low estimate.


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Usually the summer means taking a break from watches as the biggest auctions in May are over. However we have found a beautiful early Rolex chronograph in pink gold coming up for auction in July that you should take a closer look at. It is reference 6034, a monobloc anti-magnetic chronograph in pink gold from 1954 – with still the original lume in-tact on the dial.


The dial is near perfect (judging from the pictures – we have not seen the watch in person) and according to the auction house who is selling it, the watch has never been serviced (there are no service markings on the caseback). The watch has seen minimal polishing as the hallmarks are present on the back of the watch and on the lugs and remain completely in-tact. The watch remains overall in very good condition. While everyone likes to talk about Daytona and pre -daytona – namely the 6234 or 6238 – the model here the 6034 monobloc rarely gets mentioned by collectors.


Not much is known about these early chronograph Rolex – so I cannot add to this reference. Except that it might worth looking at given its rare metal case (pink gold) and good condition. At 36mm it is extremely wearable even in by present standards. The watch is seems very original (dial excellent condition, lume original, case largely unpolished). Even the winding crown with the ‘plus’ sign is original and correct for the period and watch. The estimate for this rare chronograph is €60-80′ooo which reflects its outstanding condition and originality. For more information on this rare Rolex – contact Boule Auctions in France.



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Jude Law Chases a Gorgeous, Classic Car in Johnnie Walker’s Sequel to ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’

Jude Law is back to make another luxe bet over a couple of glasses of Johnnie Walker.

Last year, the British star literally danced for Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini in “The Gentleman’s Wager,” a short film from the scotch marketer about a friendly contest for a classic yacht. Now, a teaser for “The Gentleman’s Wager II”—again from ad agency Anomaly—finds Law coveting a vintage race car (a Delahaye Type 135S, to be precise, long owned by the Walker family).

The full film premieres Oct. 31 in Rome, with Law and Giannini hosting. It promises to be another lighthearted bit: In the trailer, Law catches a face full of engine oil and picks up co-star Zhao Wei en route to his destination—Monaco, naturally. (It will please motor sports enthusiasts to know that the car in question has raced at Le Mans and Goodwood.)

It also ties into Johnnie Walker’s broader message. The soundtrack, Plastic Bertrand’s “Ca Plane Pour Moi,” anchored the brand’s global and infectious “Joy Will Take You Further” campaign launch just last month (among other notable names, Law and Wei play roles in that as well).

Anomaly, which Diageo selected to lead creative on the Johnnie Walker account at the end of 2014, is behind both films, which build on BBH’s famous, long-running “Keep Walking” campaign.

Not everyone is convinced the spirits maker didn’t miss a step when it shifted course. But if the wager preceding this one was any indication, Law is a sure-footed choice. Plus, it’s fair to ask: Why stroll through the high life when you could dance—or cruise in a rare and beautiful convertible—instead?

At the very least, you can imagine yourself doing those things … while trying to escape your mundane day in a bottle of whisky.


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Top 8 James Bond Cars Ever


In a unique exhibition the UK’s National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is celebrating 50 years of James Bond films by drawing together for the first time cars, bikes, planes, boats and other gimmicks from the 007 film franchise.

A previous exhibition in 2001 gathered nine cars together, but this year’s 12-month-long event is of a different magnitude. In addition to Eon Productions (producers of Bond movies), Beaulieu enlisted the help of the Ian Fleming Foundation as well as the Louwman museum in Holland and Florida’s Dezer car museum to source many of the cars displayed.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most difficult car to secure was the most famous Bond car of all, the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. Initially Louwman was prepared to loan the car for only three months but was persuaded to double this when Aston provided a loan car as compensation.

At the exhibition’s opening were four Bond girls, including Britt Eckland, who starred as Mary Goodnight in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) with Sir Roger Moore, Eunice Gayson who played Sylvia Trench opposite Sean Connery in Dr No (1962) and From Russia With Love (1963), Jenny Hanley who played The Irish Girl in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) opposite George Lazenby, and Madeline Smith who Was Sir Roger Moore’s girl in Live & Let Die (1973).

Colin Salmon with the BMW 750iL from “Tomorrow Never Dies”

Other personalities present for the exhibition opening were Colin Salmon, who appeared as Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999), and Die Another Day(2002), Commander Ken Wallis who built the gyrocopter `Little Nellie’ used in You Only Live Twice(1967), stunt driver Vic Armstrong who has worked on a number of Bond films, and Bond SFX supervisor, Chris Corbould who has worked on multiple Bond films, including Quantum Of Solace(2008), Casino Royale (2006) and Skyfall, which is currently in production.

Missing, though, were the men who have portrayed 007 over the decades including Daniel Craig who was filming Skyfall.

From October 26th, when Skyfall premiers, Beaulieu will get a car from the film, although it doesn’t know what, for the last two months of the exhibition.

Aston Martin DB5

Gadget-laden star of Goldfinger.


Aston Martin DB5

Often claimed to be the most famous car in the world, the DB5 is the car most closely associated with James Bond following its debut in 1964’s Goldfinger and reprise in the following year’s Thunderball. It has also appeared in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale when Daniel Craig wins the car back in a poker game with Alex Dimitros.


Aston Martin DB5 in “Goldfinger”

The car used in the film was the first production DB5 built and over a 6-week period was transformed by special effects man John Stears and his team into a gadget-laden bespoke car that has won legions of fans ever since.

It seems difficult to believe now, but in 1968 an employee ordered that the original Bond car, registration number BMT 216A, have all its special equipment stripped out and rebuilt as a standard car before being sold. Fortunately its new owner reinstated the gadgets.

Lotus Esprit S1

Submersible supercar from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Lotus Esprit S1

Myth has it that the then Lotus PR man heard that Cubby Broccoli was planning a new Bond epic at the Pinewood studios, near London, and somehow contrived to have an Esprit parked outside Broccoli’s office so he couldn’t help but see the radical Giugiaro-designed mid-engine sports car.

Although Lotus provided seven body shells for the underwater action scenes, it only granted one road-going car, and when the filmmakers needed a second Lotus, Colin Chapman loaned them his own car.

The actual submersible version was converted by Perry Submarines and driven underwater by frogmen.


Lotus Esprit S1 in “The Spy Who Love Me”

It was the Ian Fleming Foundation that rescued the car on display from a Bahamian scrap yard back in 1993, where it had been painted red and covered in Christmas decorations.

Once recovered by the IFF it took the cars’ original builder three months to restore “Wet Nellie,” as it was affectionately called, to its original condition.


Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud ll

Cubby’s own car in A View To A Kill.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud ll

Persuading Cubby Broccoli to loan his own car for this 1985 film must have been a challenge for director John Glen.

Actor Patrick Macnee, who played Sir Godfrey Tibbet, later recalled how nervous he was every time he had to negotiate the wide car through the narrow equestrian gates that fronted the French château.


Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud in “A View to a Kill”

For the film Broccoli’s personal number plate, CUB 1, was replaced by 354 HYK while an engine-less double was pulled into a gravel pit by cable to simulate the scene where Bond escapes from the sunken car by breathing air from the car’s tires.


The Silver Cloud II had long been replaced by the Silver Shadow and was powered a 6.2-liter V-8, replacing the 4.9-liter straight six of its predecessor. Many consider these models to be the last of classically proportioned Rolls-Royces before the more angular and upright Shadow appeared.

AMC Hornet

Spectacular stunt from The Man With The Golden Gun.

AMC Hornet


In one of the most memorable action sequences 007 jumps the Hornet 40 feet over a Thai river in his pursuit of Scaramanga driving another AMC product, this time a Matador X Coupe that transforms itself into a small airplane. The highlight of the jump is a 360-degree barrel roll in mid air before landing on its wheels on the opposite bank. The stunt was performed by “Bumps” Willard in one take on June 1, 1974—not bad considering he had never performed the feat before.


AMC Hornet in “The Man With The Golden Gun”

The 5.9-liter V-8 Hornet with its distinctive Cragar S/S wheels was widened by two inches for the stunt, with a centralized steering wheel and floor-mounted automatic transmission. Dressed in black, the stuntman crouched between two dummies sitting in the front seats, representing Roger Moore’s 007 and Clifton James’ Sheriff J.W. Pepper.

Aston Martin V8 Volante

007 is reacquainted with Aston in The Living Daylights.

Aston Martin V8 Volante

With the appearance of Timothy Dalton as the latest Bond in this 1987 film, 007 once again gets an Aston Martin. Like Broccoli’s car, the Volante he is first seen in actually belonged to Aston’s then chairman and co-owner, the late Victor Gauntlett.


The ice driving scenes were filmed in Weissensee, Austria, using two coupes with at least five dummy replicas that were dumped in the snow. Apparently there was such a demand for replacement windscreens and bumpers from the set that there was a shortage of them at Aston’s Newport Pagnell factory.

Aston Martin V8 Volante in “The Living Daylight”


The 146-mph coupe featured a rear-mounted rocket booster, hubcap-mounted lasers, twin missile launches at the front, ice tires, police band radio and the infamous retractable outriggers that transformed the car into an unlikely skidoo.

Fluctuating temperatures during filming nearly caused a disaster when the ice started to crack and one of the cars nearly ended up in the lake.

Jaguar XKR

Aston versus Jag in Die Another Day.

Jaguar XKR wrested the bragging rights over the 007 franchise from BMW for this 2002 film. At the time the Blue Oval had a stable of brands that included the two sports car manufacturers as well as Land Rover and Volvo so the producers had wide selection of cars to feature in the film, including this XKR for Zao, the North Korean terrorist.


Jaguar XKR in “Die Another Day”

The convertible is brimming with weaponry including a Gatling gun, mortar, 18 heat-seeking missiles and a hydraulic battering ram that is even more formidable than Bond’s Aston.


Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould modified a quartet of XKRs for the final chase sequence that was filmed on Iceland’s Jökulsárlón lagoon where the Jaguar ends up falling into the freezing water. This particular car is the only one that was fitted with a full suite of weapons.

Aston Martin DBS

A new Aston and a new 007 in Casino Royale remake.

Aston Martin DBS

has links going back to George Lazenby’s 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Aston used the debut of a new 007, played by Daniel Craig for the first time, to launch its latest near-200-mph supercar, the DBS.


For one of Q’s cars it’s quite modest really, featuring only a concealed Walther P99 with silencer, a Medipac and a computer link to MI6, although it is the latter two that Vesper uses to save Bond from certain death.

Aston Martin DBS in “Casino Royale”


However, it is the 7¾ rolls (verified by the Guinness Book of Records) for which the film is probably best remembered. The producers quickly realized that the standard ramp was insufficient to flip the car so they installed an air-powered cannon behind the driver’s seat that punched a cylinder into the road instantly flipping the car.

Stuntman Adam Kirley had to time the cannon release at precisely the right moment while driving at 80 mph. Otherwise, he would have sent the car and himself into the trees.

Mercury Cougar XR7

American muscle takes on Minis in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Mercury Cougar XR7


Gadgets were strictly limited for George Lazenby’s one and only role as 007 in this 1969 film; instead the producers opted for a series of breathtaking stunts and driving sequences featuring this car driven by Tracy Di Vecenzo, played by Shakespearean actress and former leather-clad Avenger Diana Rigg. Tracy’s car is 1969 Cougar powered by a 428 Cobra Jet with Ram Air induction and a wide bonnet scoop, said to develop 335 bhp…though it’s more likely to be nearer 400 bhp given its searing pace in the chase scenes.

Mercury Cougar XR7 in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”


Although stunt and rally drivers did most of the ice driving, a plucky Diana Rigg was at the wheel for some of the shots.

Three of the film’s Cougars are thought to have survived with this one, complete with the original bodywork damage, from a Swedish collector.




Mossy earth tones and dark, moody color palettes have their place in any stylish man’s fall wardrobe, and rightly so. But this season, we’re feeling the kind of tan you can wear all season long. Yes, it’s all about camel vibes, a color that’s everywhere right now, from coats to hats to even sneakers. Here’s how you can wear the toasty tone from head to toe (though probably not all at once—then you might look like actual camel).

575506_mrp_in_xl 588868_mrp_in_xl  E1367_BR6408_m image1xxl (2) Sneaker-of-the-week-01