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Partners: Oldtimers Group

In this series we would like to present You our Partners. First post is about Oldtimers Group – popular facebook group of cars enthusiasts.

old gro fb

Group for all lovers of historical  (oldtimer) vehicles and traffic culture. Antiques:

1. Cars
2. Motorcycles
3. Bikes
4. Trucks
5. Buses
6. ATVs
7. personalities and events from the world of historical vehicles

The Oldtimers Group was formed in 2008 by Nikola Vuckovic VuArt, as a place for all things related to antiquities, primarily old-timers, as well as other related interests in the area, linked to the periods in which the vehicles actively used (eg items, photos, fashion …). The Group operates within the social network “Facebook” mainly in the Serbian language.

The group deals with the following:

1. Introduction and gathering of all lovers of historic vehicles;
2. The exchange of information, experiences and advice.
3. Popularization of vintage culture in ex-Yu
4. Historical – research, in order to preserve the information, photographs, data and samples from this area.

The Group currently has over 10 000 members, and two organized classic events, as well as a couple of exhibitions of classic cars. Members of the group are active in clubs, organizing events, socializing, sharing advice, rescue and restoration of historical vehicles. Information on activities can be seen in magazines and web pages dealing with this topic.

Check their group: Oldtimers Group on Facebook

old gru 2 fb

Written by Nikola Vuckovic, the former of Oldtimers Group.