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Maximilian Meinel Review: US Car-Meeting at Museum of Technology, Sinsheim, 07.08.2016

Who am I? I’m Maximilian Meinel and I’m a freelance photographer from Germany and I’m also fascinated by beautiful and unique vehicles. Here’s my second review of car-event: US Car-Meeting 2016 – Sinsheim, Germany.


Around 500 vehicles has been presented by their owners on Sunday 07.08. at the area on one of the most famous technical museums in Germany. The weather also has been excellent – sunny and hot like those cars. The meeting started at 9am and lasted until 6pm.

_MAX9106 _MAX9111 _MAX9135

Mostly You could see classic cars. Those which are definitly more pupular, but You could also see modern US-Cars at this event.

_MAX9156 _MAX9176 _MAX9216

Organizers prepared some attractions, for example live-band played covered songs for a great mood.


But the best music in my ears on this day have been the sounds of Muscle-Cars, loud exhausts and squealing tires.

_MAX9222 _MAX9249 _MAX9277 _MAX9308

I guess one of the most rarely cars has been a DMC DeLorean, decorated with some beautiful details like the Hover Board and the Fluxcompensator.

_MAX9346 _MAX9401 _MAX9432 _MAX9453

Some contributors made a lot of action on the ground… ….have look at the Harley-Burnout.

_MAX9463 _MAX9479

Owners of cars have had a log trip. They came from Netherlands, France, Switzerland…

_MAX9505 _MAX9520

The date for the next US-Car-Meeting at Sinsheim is already fixed: 5th until 6th August 2017.


Maximilian Meinel
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27th Festival “Golden Oldies” – Golden Oldies Wettenberg 2016 by Maximilian Meinel

Who am I? I’m Maximilian Meinel and I’m a freelance photographer from Germany and I’m also fascinated by beautiful and unique vehicles. In this article I will do a review about one of the best Oldtimer Event in Germany: Golden Oldies Wettenberg 2016. 


It has been the third time, when I have visited one of the most popular Oldtimer-Meetings in Europe. It took place from Friday 27th of July until Sunday 31st of July in a small village called Wettenberg near Frankfurt/Main.

csm__MAX7992_638cc1a533 csm__MAX7994_56f8322253 csm__MAX8004_87331215d6 csm__MAX8012_6ddf4177f6 csm__MAX8013_49e579bd27 csm__MAX8025_1196a83b40 csm__MAX8029_e76fb69241

Around 1000 Oldtimer and Youngtimer vehicles have been presented on this sunny weekend by their owners. On this event You can also see cars of partipiciants from all countries around Germany.

csm__MAX8030_0f5119a66d csm__MAX8059_85af9462f7 csm__MAX8062_db0366d656 csm__MAX8087_1a8a10c5eb csm__MAX8091_2b0d2d3320

About 70.000 visitors joined this event in a nice atmosphere like in the 50‘s, 60‘s & 70‘s. More than 50 Live-Bands were performing songs fitted to this event – simply Rock `n Roll! But they also played Rockabilly, Glamrock and Blues. This time there was a new theme called ,Groovin‘ 70/80th at an extra-stage.

csm__MAX8095_966b51c2f4 csm__MAX8103_5f8028bf8b csm__MAX8105_88ac2ab130 csm__MAX8115_ae748e59c3 csm__MAX8125_eaccd4e962 csm__MAX8127_7455b8e4eb

Many visitors have matched their outfit too. Women were dressed in Petticoats and Men were dressed in Jeans like James Dean.

csm__MAX8130_9059fe11e0 csm__MAX8153_7f8ff45fd6 csm__MAX8154_e1384bfb3c

More than 100 exhibitors presented original things in the time of economic wonders. Of course You could buy many original things like lamps, cocktail chairs, old magazines, vinyl, discs and a lot of fashion.

csm__MAX8161_b6ed13ac3e csm__MAX8167_edfdac5ebf csm__MAX8206_d48448a865 csm__MAX8210_fde97dab41

On Sunday a Jury of fashion-experts, photographers and dance trainers have elected the German ,Miss Petticoat’ for the 23rd time. She won a high valued price.

csm__MAX8237_1e61ac69e2 csm__MAX8265_b7cc2bec1b

All owners of vehicles built until 1979 were welcomed for free contribution. There was a new option to sell the oldtimer. Also this year, a trophy was awarded to the most interesting oldtimer.

csm__MAX8351_5fa049ebea csm__MAX8352_3b380db7f7 csm__MAX8411_cf18338a4a

That’s all. Hope You enjoyed this story and photos taken by my camera.


Maximilian Meinel
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Text and Photos by Maximilian Meinel

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Classic Days Schloss Dyck – One of the Most Beautiful Oldtimers Event in Germany

Oldtimers Magazine invites You to participate on one of the most beautiful Oldtimers Event in Germany. The Event is called Classic Days Schloss Dyck and it will be held from 5. till 7. of August. Firstly check fascinating photos from the last edition, then You will find informations about tickets, location etc.

HSTE2007 DV8P8606_Classic Days 15_photo_isp-grube_ Classic-Days-Chris-Wevers-10 Classic-Days-Chris-Wevers-07 Classic-Days-Chris-Wevers-09 HSTE3954 ML4A3225_1 SD15 - 2565

Click Here for all Informations about 2015 and 2014 editions (english, german)


Tickets in advance
Day ticket Friday Adults € 16.00
Day ticket Friday Reduced € 12.00
Day ticket Saturday / Sunday Adults € 27.00
Day ticket Saturday / Sunday Reduced € 21.00
Day pass children * € 3.00
2-day ticket € 44.00
Insider Special ticket (3 days) € 48.00

Tickets at the box office
Day ticket Friday Adults € 16.00
Day ticket Friday Reduced € 12.00
Day ticket Saturday / Sunday Adults € 30.00
Day ticket Saturday / Sunday Reduced € 23.00
Day pass children * € 3.00
2-day ticket € 48.00
Insider Special ticket (3 days) € 52.00
Additional card family card RKN (adults) € 20.00


ClassicDays2015-Presse-ReneHey-12 ClassicDays2015-Presse-ReneHey-05 ClassicDays2015-Presse-ReneHey-03 ClassicDays2015_ssieger_27 ClassicDays2015_ssieger_16 ClassicDays2015_ssieger_14 ClassicDays2015_ssieger_10 classic_days_2015_r_lueker_0016 classic_days_2015_r_lueker_0009 classic_days_2015_r_lueker_0005 2015-ClassicDays-AgenturR65-7918 2015-ClassicDays-AgenturR65-7831 2015-ClassicDays-AgenturR65-1025 15-cd-riensche-1746 15-cd-riensche-1472 15-cd-riensche-0403 13_ClassicDays_FBecker 12_ClassicDays_FBecker 03_ClassicDays_FBeckerLOGO

Location: Schloß Dyck, 41363 Jüchen

Date: 05.08.-07.08.2016

Facebook       |       Official Website


How to get there?


Movie of Classic Days from 2015 year:


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Oldtimersdag Appelscha in Hildenberg, Netherlands

Today we want to show You an event, which will take place on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. Organizers say: “The best day of the year”, is it true? This will be the 10th Oldtimerdag Appelscha!


Put your hand on a hot stove, a minute seems like an hour. Be with that special woman and an hour seems like a minute. That’s relativity as telling the German-born scientist and creator of the theory of relativity Einstein once. Which he wants to say that time flies when you’re having fun.

13702338_291317161220367_538249594_o 13720427_291317137887036_1555512580_o

That time flies is clear, because it is already time for the Oldtimerdag Appelscha. A hint of this bygone time can be sampled on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 in Appelscha, because there will be again for the tenth time, from 9:00 to 18:00 pm, organized Oldtimerdag.

13692389_291317264553690_991425743_o 13699413_291317234553693_198712535_o 13711458_291317134553703_1273779174_o

During this day will, often after years of restoration, several old trucks, buses, bicycles, tractors, motorcycles, cars, Solex, army vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles and stationary engines from model year 1900 to 1988, again be admired in its full glory his. Some with full charge, others with directors at that time, dress appropriately. Others with owners who, on the basis of photographs, fun stories to tell about their vehicle.

13702438_291315384553878_682106493_o 13711452_291316404553776_1418883707_o 13720653_291315391220544_260670912_o

Oldtimerdag Appelscha
Postbus 77
8426 ZN Appelscha
Tel: 0516-432300
Fax: 0516-432629
 Official Website


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To be or not be….. Classic Cars At Kronborg Castle and the Culture Yard in Elsinore, Denmark

Show your Classic Car at one of the most spectacular sites in Northern Europe… Read this article, check all pictures and tell us: To be or not to be…?



-10 july
-28 august
-25 september
entrance free
free drivers coffee

John Calberg
+45 2722757


Imagine your Classic Car posing right next to the historic Kronborg Castle, the famous site of William Shakespeares Hamlet play in Elsinore Denmark. 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of his death.


At the same time imagine your Classic Car posing at the harbour site in front of the Elsinore Culture Yard. The big old shipyard transformed into a beautiful modern building and the cultural center of the region.

4 5

At the same time imagine your Classic Car next to the Maritime Museum of Denmark with its outstanding and unique architecture.

”One of 10 museums to travel to for their stunning structures” – National Geographic.
“One of the eight greatest new museums” – BBC.
“One of 52 places to go to in 2014”New York Times


Rolling classic sculptures meets modern architectural structures at the historical shipyard of Elsinore. A perfect match for a beautiful scene .


The Culture Yard dressed with Classic Cars…steel, glass, rubber and stone unites in perfect shapes.



Last, but not least imagine you have the perfect view to the Sound (Öresund) and Sweden, with Cruisers and old timer ships in the harbour.


To be or not to be …… bring your Classic Car to be seen at this spectacular site!

101113 12

Klassiske biler på Kulturhavnen i Helsingør
Find Klassiske biler på Kulturhavnen i Helsingør on Facebook


Official Website of ViaRetro      |     ViaRetro on Facebook
ViaRETRO København
Brudelysvej 15 A
DK – 2880 Bagsværd
Telefon +45 3140 5404

16 17

Article written by John Calberg from Viaretro

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OM Review: ‘Mini out in the open’ by Norwegian Mini Cooper Club

We continue our serie with events. This time we present to you a little review of the event from Norwegian Mini Cooper Club.

Norsk Mini Cooper

On Saturday 28th May, Norwegian Mini Cooper Club arranged its annual ‘Mini out in the open’ event. We gathered at a local gas station and waited for everyone to arrive. Maps were handed out to every car and with only a very few raindrops chasing us – we started our journey from Oslo towards Drøbak and Son. Mini after Mini, we drove on small, curvey roads and had a blast arriving Drøbak centre. There was a marked and a lot of people outside. We drove a few rounds and made a show!

Norsk Mini Cooper 3 Norsk Mini Cooper 6
After parking by the harbor, we had a small pit-stop and refueled with hot dogs and ice cream. Perfect for a late May afternoon.

Norsk Mini Cooper 2 Norsk Mini Cooper 4 Norsk Mini Cooper 5

We were eager to drive a little more, so we hit the small, curvey roads again and arrived to a small city called Son. Here we stopped to visit the retired couple, Gro and Knut Hallan at their charming old-school shop or museum by the name ‘Hallanderiet’. Knut had lovely old timers outside his shop and was eager to tell us the stories behind every car and item in his collection. See their website here: Hallanderiet Website


Review by Werner Holvik from Norwegian Mini Cooper Club

Facebook Group of NMCC     |      Official Website of NMCC

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International Aston Martin Meeting in Southern Sweden

The Aston Martin Club of Sweden is proud to invite you to an International Meeting and a great experience. With the impressive Bäckaskog Castle as a comfortable base, they will explore historic sites, drive through beautiful landscapes and have wonderful dinners together.

aston martin 7

The Tour also includes a Track-Day. Certainly, they also offer an alternative programme for those that do not want to spend the entire day at the racetrack. Apart from exploring the typical Swedish countryside, You will visit a historic Grand Prix racecourse from the 1950’s and will drive in the footsteps of Joakim Bonnier, Stirling Moss and Juan Fangio. Of course, there will be activities for everyone and all tastes.

 aston martin 3 aston martin 4

Bäckaskog Castle is famous for its nice character and its good food.

You are all warmly invited.

aston martin 2

For more details and invitation, You can email

Facebook Event

aston martin aston martin 5

Aston Martin Klubben Sverige

c / o Schreiber
Barnsjövägen 26
437 35 Lindome
Official Website of Aston Martin Klubben Sverige
Club Mail
Facebook Group of AMKS

aston martin logo

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Svenskbilsträff – Swedish fans meeting in June: Volvo and Saab.

In relation of cooperation with the organizers of the event, we would like to recommend: Svenskbilsträff – meeting of Volvo and Saab fans. The event will be held on the 6th June!


Swedish Saab Club (Svenska Saabklubben) with swedish volvoclub, Volvo Museum and Saab Museum invite You to a swedish car gadering on the swedish national day, on the 6th June.


The meeting will start at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan at 9. We start with some mingel and Swedish ” fika ” and visit to the Saab museum. At 12 we slowly move down to Göteborg and Arendal and some more mingel and visit to the museum. At 16:00 is day over.

Registration takes place in two steps:

1. Payment of the registration fee of 200, – per person over 15 years and 100 – for those under 15 years.
For that included the morning coffee, light refreshments and admission to each museum.
Bankgiro 5074-8029 or
Swish 123 539 84 17th
NOTE! Mark the payment with the address and location name or phone number for easier identification.

2. On the email to
It is important to write in the email: telephone number, name, number of adults and children 15 years or younger, and if you come in a Volvo or Saab.

Application deadline is May 31!!!

Photo by Fredd Holm‎ (taken from event page)

Photo by Fredd Holm‎ (taken from event page)

Photo by Peter Sandbäck‎ (taken from event page)

Photo by Peter Sandbäck‎ (taken from event page)


E-mail (also registration):



Saab Car Museum:



The Saab Car Museum is an automobile museum in Trollhättan, Sweden. It covers the history of the Saab brand of automobiles manufactured by Saab under various owners since 1947.

Åkerssjövägen 18, 461 53 Trollhättan, Sweden.

volvo 740 t5 86a by Johan Björne Björlén

Volvo 740 t5 86a by Johan Björne Björlén (taken from event page)

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Spend a perfect weekend in Denmark: Made In Great Britain – Classic Motor Show 2016!

In relation of cooperation with the organizers of the event, we would like to recommend : spendnding a beautiful weekend in picturesque Denmark. Event is called: Made In Great Britain – Classic Motor Show 2016. Motor Show will be held 19-21 August.12528186_10154462489583294_301686142_o

Made In Great Britain – Classic Motor Show 2016 is a Meeting for people with a penchant for all things British, whether it’s cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, tractors or vans.

The concept is the same as previous years, but the rally site has moved more to the north and a genuine medieval castle sets the stage on Saturday where all the vehicles will be displayed for the public. The event is held on the weekend August 19 to 21, where Limfjords Camping and Water park will give us for accommodation, meals and the festive and cultural initiatives. The campsite is located in Westsalling nearby Skive, Jutland. The place is located in the stunning countryside close to the water, so there is plenty of opportunity to have a great weekend.

moto112487303_725662444232079_3631553518044858914_oSaturday all vehicles will drive to Spøttrup mediaeval castle, the best preserved medieval castlein Denmark, where all vehicles will be on display and there is a range of activities throughout the day. There will be, amongst others live denigration of medieval people in the castle, a market area and several other initiatives are in the pipeline. It is important to emphasize that it is possible to participate in the meeting only on Saturday at Spøttrup mediaeval castle, but organizers would still like to have a feel of how many participate will join in and therefore a registration may be required. This happens where there is also the opportunity to get more information.12466328_730831883715135_2599098423469555710_oThere will be a great opportunity to look at all kinds of vehicles from the country that gave us great brands like: Austin, Bedford, Caterham, English Ford, Jaguar, Jensen, Jowett, Land Rover, Leyland, Lotus, MG, Mini, Morgan, Morris, Rolls Royce, Rover, Sunbeam, Triumph, Vauxhall, Wolseley, and many other proud British vehicles.219766_10150287269168294_5198045_oThroughout the weekend there will possibility to buy Danish and English beer but you can also try our own beer, the MIGB Classic 2016, and enjoy it with a nice meal and other delicacies. The MG Car Club Denmark will throughout the week join the Meeting with their Club shop and Club Stand.

In addition to looking at a lot of sparkling vehicles, there is also the opportunity to enjoy the area close to the Limfjordens spreads.12471780_725656140899376_2684801251788215637_omoto3 moto5For more information about Made In Great Britain – Classic Motor Show please visit website:

web: MIGB – Website
fb: MIGB Facebook
MIGB Facebook Event: Motor Show Facebook Event

Written by Freddy Laursen from “Made In Great Britain Association” & Dawid Korniak (Oldtimers Magazine)moto2 moto4