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Classic Car Photographer vol. 08: Jevgeniy Vyazovoy Automotive Photography

We hope You remember that we started a new serie in our Oldtimers Magazine. In this series of articles called Classic Car Photographer we will speak with automotive photographers from all over the world! In this interview You will read a story of Jevgeniy Vyazovoy Automotive Photography!


1. Tell us a little bit about you:

Jev: Hallo, I’m Jevgeniy but you can call me Jev, Currently 26 and with Russian roots. Living in Belgium and working hard on a few projects, one of which is Photography.

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2. Did you go to school to study photography?

Jev: I studied photography mostly with trial and error. There are times when you make that shot and you think I’m the photo-god. But when you look at it 2 weeks later, it’s like, man did I make this thing?

There is no school that can teach you the way of a true photographer, you have to own a certain amount of feel, and lots of patience.

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3. How long have you been a photographer?

Jev: I think it has to be about 7 – 8 years by now. All of that time I’ve mostly photographed landscapes. Almost for a year now, I’m shooting cars and interiors.


4. Do You remember Your first photography? Could You describe it?

Jev: I only remember that at that time, I was using a 3MP canon toy camera, for a long time.


5. What or who got you started in photography?

Jev: Photography is a very interesting and challanging business. It’s not only knowing your gear, but it also evolves a lot of people skills. I just love being one, but sometimes, I hate being one too. Combination of both.

img_2967 img_2695-2

6. How would you describe your style of photographing?

Jev: I try to beat myself every single time and compare my work with High end professionals only. My work is never good enough for me. There are maybe 2% of all images I make, which I really like.

There is really no style, just the way I handle my clients and their cars, houses etc.

img_0852 img_0243

7. What’s in your bag? What camera do You use generally?

Jev: 5Dii, 50D with many old M42 lenses. Also stuff like 70-200 2.8L, 24-105 4L, 17-40 4L and many strobes

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8. Why cars?

Jev: I love the car world. These days it’s changing so fast, and even if I could’n tell that it’s changing in a good way, it’s still a very interesting place.


9. Lets say that dreams come true. What is Your dream-car – that You want to photograph?

Jev: Every car can be as special as we want it to be.


10. What plans do You have for the future?

Jev: Not giving up is a good start, as far as photography goes.


Epic Ture Studios Website     |     Epic Ture Studios FB     

           Jev’s Automotive Photography FB     |    Jev’s Automotive Photography Website

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