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Pfungstädter Oktoberfest 2016 by Maximilian Meinel

Another article of german photographer Maximilian Meinel. Today he will show You photographies from Pfungstädter Oktoberfest 2016!


On October 9th, the Renn- und Touring-Club Eberstadt e.V.‘ (RCTE) invited owners and fans of oldtimers for a meeting – regardless the brand – at the local ,Pfungstädter‘ brewery area.

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The owners oft he vehicles presented cars from the 1930s until the late 1980s. You could see old cars at this event as well as old agricultural vehicles and military vehicles , for example an Unimog.

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250 vehicles have been presented on this sunny Sunday and around 800 visitors joined this event.

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The organizer also installed a big tent with a live music-stage and visitors could buy food and drinks inside.

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