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Classic Car Photographer vol. 06: Geoffray Chantelot Photography

We hope You remember that we started a new serie in our Oldtimers Magazine. In this series of articles called Classic Car Photographer we will speak with automotive photographers from all over the world! In this interview You will read a story of Geoffray Chantelot!


1. Did you go to school to study photography?

Geoffray Chantelot: Yep, but not totally what I was excepting. Interesting 1 year for basics, but after this, everything I learned is from my personnal experiences, which in my opinion is the most important.

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2. How long have you been a photographer?

Geoffray Chantelot: I started really seriously 3-4 years ago.

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3. Do You remember Your first photography? Could You describe it?

Geoffray Chantelot: Hum no, don’t really remember, when I started I just photograph everything what I saw haha.

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4. What or who got you started in photography?

Geoffray Chantelot: Since my childhood i’m Looking for picture in magazine and internet, and finally I touch the camera and felt in love with photography.


5. How would you describe your style of photographing?

Geoffray Chantelot: I mainly do automotive photography. But I have two different style in it : photoshooting which have to be the cleanest possible, and rally/event photos, in which I try to catch moment/light/mood. Two really different approach of photography but I love them equally.

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6. What’s in your bag? What camera do You use generally?

Geoffray Chantelot: In my bag, the Nikon D800 (I’m totally in love). With it I have a 35mm f/1.4, an old 50mm when I want to shoot for fun, and the beast 200mm f/2.0 which is the best lens I’ve ever try so far.


7. Why cars?

Geoffray Chantelot: I’ve always been a fan of automotive (thanks to my father), and in my entry at photo-school, I decided to go at 200% in automotive photography to perfect it. I still have so much to learn but that’s what I love !


8. Have You been participating on some events as Classic Car photographer?

Geoffray Chantelot: Yeah, I did the Tour Auto last 4 years, a crazy event with dope cars on french roads, during one week. A crazy event, really! I’d like to did more but for the moment it’s a bit complicated. I wish to do more and more in the next month!

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9. Lets say that dreams come true. What is Your dream-car – that You want to photograph?

Geoffray Chantelot: Recently I totally felt in love with the David Pipper Porsche 917. See it, listen it and photograph… it would be a crazy thing !


10. What plans do You have for the future?

Geoffray Chantelot: Progress at first! And I also want to go on different event for the next year, and practise more and more. 2016 was not a big year of photography for me, but for sure, 2017 will be better!

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