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Florian Joly Photography Gallery Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine pres. Automotive Passion vol. 06

Hi everyone, my name is Florian and I’m a french automotive photographer. Petrolhead since my youngest age I started taking photographies 7 years ago. I’m now travelling around France and Europe to try to catch them all. As I’m growing up, i’m getting more and more attracted by classic cars and specially racing cars with all the history and the drama linked to the drivers. Enjoy!


The Porsche 917 was introduced in 1969 to replace the 908/1, in the only purpose to win 24H of Le Mans. It didn’t take long, the 917 won Le Mans in 1970 through an incredible season : 6 wins for 7 races. In 1971 the 917 was still untouchable with another victory at Le Mans and 7 victories for 9 races. Finally the car was banned for the 1972 but will stay forever as the first Porsche victory Le Mans, we call that a legend.

IMG_17588 IMG_18733_modifié-1 IMG_18700_modifié-2 IMG_70222 IMG_68855 IMG_16766

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The BMW 507 Elvis Presley drove in the Army has been restored

Two years ago, BMW Classic Group started work on a 507 roadster once owned by Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The car’s restoration is now complete, and it is scheduled to make its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21. BMW Classic gives a look into what it took too get the car back in shape.


Elvis’s 507 was found by Jackie Jouret from Bimmer magazine in the barn of Jack Castor. Castor purchased the car in 1968 and held onto it since. The pair was able to confirm the car was owned by Elvis, who acquired it when stationed in Germany with the US Army.

elvis 2

As you can see from the photo above, the car was not in good shape. Aside from the tired looking paint and body, there was a lot that needed to be repaired, replaced, or reconstructed. At some point, someone saw fit to drop in a Chevy V8, which meant the restorers had to not only build a new BMW V8 for it, but also had to repair the subframe where it had been modified. The interior was in bad shape as well, with seats that needed their own ground-up restoration, and a dashboard that was just completely missing.

elvis 3 elvis 4

The restoration group also had to remove eight paint jobs the car received over its lifetime. One of those resprays was commissioned by Elvis himself. The car was originally white when it was raced by Hans Stuck, but after Elvis purchased it he reportedly painted it red to help hide lipstick and messages left by fans.

elvis 5 elvis 6

BMW Classic Group restored this car back to its original condition, which also means it’s back to its original white paint. The car will be on display at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance alongside a number of other vintage BMWs celebrating the company’s centennial. If you want more information and photos of the restoration, be sure to check out BMW Classic Group’s website.

elvis 7 elvis 8

Taken from Autoblog


This stable of Prancing Horses could garner Gooding $58m in Pebble Beach

For enthusiasts and collectors of blue-chip Ferraris, next month’s auctions during Monterey Car Week are shaping up to be very exciting indeed. Gooding & Company’s latest haul of Prancing Horses is arguably the most special yet…

stable 1

“Anything you can do we can do better.” That’s what the collector car auction world feels like sometimes, particularly in the weeks preceding the houses’ flagship sales in Monterey, when ‘star’ consignments seem to be ten a penny. No sooner had we shown you a mouth-watering selection of blue-chip Ferraris offered by RM Sotheby’s, than Gooding & Company, with perfect timing, showed its hand with an ensemble of Prancing Horses arguably more desirable.

stable 2 stable 3

Its leading star is one of just nine alloy-bodied Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competiziones ever built, with North American racing provenance and matching numbers throughout. It’s estimated to fetch an impressive 18-20m US dollars.

stable 4

Next up, and arguably the car we’re most taken with, is a beguilingly original Ferrari 166MM. Retained by the Works from new as an open Barchetta, a subsequent owner had Zagato modify the Touring-built body into a Berlinetta, giving the delectable little sports car an identity of its own. Later in its life, the ex-Mille Miglia and Targa Florio entrant served as a student’s transportation to university in Alabama, and still displays his parking permit to this day. Estimated at 6-8m dollars, it is a magical example of a model that won Le Mans, the Targa Florio and the Mille Miglia, with a fascinating history – both on- and off-track – of its very own.

stable 5 stable 6 stable 7

Finally, Gooding rounds out the collection with a brace of Ferrari 250 GT SWBs – a late production steel-bodied Lusso (10-12m dollars) and an ex-NART alloy-bodied Competizione. With Ed Hugus and Augie Pabst at the wheel, the latter finished a very commendable seventh in the 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans. Accordingly, it’s estimated to garner 15-18m dollars – will this be the one to breathe life back into the SWB market?

stable 9 stable 10

Taken from Vintage Driver

Gallery Interview Oldtimers

Classic Car Photographer vol. 01: Harisankar Photography

Today we’re launching our new serie in our Oldtimers Magazine. In serie called Classic Car Photographer we will talk with from automotive photographers from all over the world! In the first part we spoke with Harisanker Photography!

Plymouth GTX- Harisanker.S (High Res)-1

1. Tell us a little bit about you

Harisanker.S : Hey guys, I am Harisanker.S,automotive photographer from India based in Dubai. I’m working for Evo Magazine /

Plymouth GTX- Harisanker.S (High Res)-2

2. Did you go to school to study photography?

Harisanker.S : No. I fell in love with this art form while doing my degree on information technology ( back in my collage days) couple of my friends were doing degree there on Visual communications and I helped them to assist a short film… and that was my first introduction to the camera. They taught me how to use it in general and show me some basics tricks. It was a slow poison (in a good way). I continues learning the craft, attending workshops across the states.

Plymouth GTX- Harisanker.S (High Res)-5

3. How long have you been a photographer?

Harisanker.S : Its been 3 yeas now and I’m looking back to the old days..I still don’t believe that I became a photographer finally.

4. Do You remember Your first photography? Could You describe it?

Harisanker.S : Like everyone,I started photography and used my friends, family and relatives as my main subjects, then I finally got my first camera.. the base level 1100d and the entry level prime lens 50mm 1.8. I always wanted to take some portraits in the rain, so with the help of my cousin brother a.k.a rain maker (basically he does it with spray bottle but he was really kind of pro at it). I shoot my lil sister as my main subject and took as many shoots as i can in golden hour till I got that one money shot. For me – that’s my very first “shoot” and it always have a special place in my heart.

Plymouth GTX- Harisanker.S (High Res)-6

5. What or who got you started in photography?

Harisanker.S : After finishing my degree, my mind and soul keep fueling the urge to become a photographer, although I didn’t own my own camera,thanks to best friend Dinosh,who gave his sony Alpha 100 camera for me to learn the basics and how to take proper exposures. During these periods i met Dinosh’s friend Arun.m.nair who has a very particular way of showcasing and compositing images and he helped me out to see the bigger picture,the way we stage elements and do post processing to amplify it without over killing the overall ambience. He is the reason for what i become today.

Porsche 356-7

6. How would you describe your style of photographing?

Harisanker.S : In the beginning I heavily relied on depth, because of my 1.8 50mm,later in my years I came to know about the true art of composing image and bring the mood by controlling light and colours around us. Golden hours and nights time shoots are my favourites.

Trans am High Res-1

7. What’s in your bag? What camera do You use generally?

Harisanker.S : I currently use a Canon 5D Mark III for my official work and L series lenses provided by the company and my personal camera is still Canon 1100D.

Camera Equipment:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 1100D


Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L

Lights Equipment:

Profoto Acute B Flash System

Trans am High Res-2

8. Why cars?
Harisanker.S : Well, I don’t like to get type-castes as automotive photographer. I am a photographer and i love to shoot anything and everything that’s interesting around me..since the company, i work for mainly automotive related jobs, I shoot cars, that’s all.

9. Have You been participating on some events as Classic Car photographer?

Harisanker.S : Not yet, but I would love to be a part of an event that celebrate the glorious days of automotive history.

Trans am High Res-10

10. Lets say that dreams come true. What is Your dream-car – that You want to photograph?

Harisanker.S : Jaguar E Type, Alpina B7, Ford Mustang Fastback, Aston Martin DB5…We need another interview to complete the list of cars i have in my bucket list. ;- )

Trans am High Res-12

11. What plans do You have for the future?

Harisanker.S : Exploring uncharted territories, finding new themes and learn from mistakes and push forward without fear.

OM: Thanks for the interview!

Harisanker.S : Thanks! 🙂

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Revelling in The Rainmaster’s legacy on the 2016 Passione Caracciola

On the majority of historic rally events, participants pray for an absence of rain. However on the second Passione Caracciola, dedicated to legendary German driver Rudolf ‘The Rainmaster’ Caracciola, a downpour seemed almost appropriate…

Revelling 1

After the latest ‘IWC Schaffhausen talks to’ discussion, starring Jochen Mass and hosted by Classic Driver’s very own Philip Rathgen on the eve of the event, participants were shown the new limited-edition Ingenieur chronographs before being served dinner, during which Caracciola’s Mercedes-Benz W25 Silver Arrow acted as a rather impressive backdrop.

Revelling 2 Revelling 3 Revelling 4 Revelling 5 Revelling 6

A special guest

The priceless car was arranged as a static display rather than a participant in the rally – but the following morning, when IWC Schaffhausen CEO Georges Kern dropped the start flag at Regensdorf, it was clear Mercedes was well represented by participants themselves. Along with a host of 300 SL ‘Gullwings’ – interestingly, probably the least expensive way to own a car of the type ‘Caratsch’ drove in period – the entry list was also populated by numerous other post-War Mercedes, including the Pagoda rally car brought along by Classic Driver dealer Mechatronik. Perhaps most relevant to Caracciola’s pre-War heroics, however, was Heinz & Doris Hoffer’s 1928 Maserati 26M Grand Prix car, entered into the rally for the second year in a row.

Revelling 7 Revelling 8 Revelling 9 Revelling 10 Revelling 11

The spirit of ‘Caratsch’ lives on

Ultimately, it was the 300 SL ‘Gullwing’ of Giustino de Sanctis and Claudia Morbiducci that took the regularity title, followed by the Ferrari 365 GTC of Peter Straub/Madeleine Villiger and the Jaguar E-type of Christian Nagele and Carlo Lusser. But more impressive was the spirit of camaraderie and friendship apparent in all participants, who did the memory of ‘Caratsch’ proud for the second of what will surely be many Passione Caracciola rallies. His resting place of Lugano seemed like an appropriate place for the rally to conclude this year; we wonder where next year’s will begin?

Revelling 12 Revelling 13 Revelling 14 Revelling 15

Photos: IWC

Taken from Classic Driver

Florian Joly Photography Gallery Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine pres. Automotive Passion vol. 05

Hi everyone, my name is Florian and I’m a french automotive photographer. Petrolhead since my youngest age I started taking photographies 7 years ago. I’m now travelling around France and Europe to try to catch them all. As I’m growing up, i’m getting more and more attracted by classic cars and specially racing cars with all the history and the drama linked to the drivers. Enjoy!


The Lamborghini Miura SV, designed by Bertone in the mid sixties, was born from the willingness of Ferrucio Lamborghini to compete against his rival Enzo Ferrari. The Miura was one of the first road car with a mid-rear engine and his design was so creative. With its 3.9 V12, she was considered as one the very first supercars ever, but often described by many drivers as one of the most awful car to drive, with so much reliability problems but what a pleasure to listen and to look at.

IMG_41644 IMG_41722 IMG_42466

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Retracing a hero’s tyretracks – the 2016 Passione Caracciola

After a successful inauguration last year, the Passione Caracciola – a regularity road race dedicated to the legendary German pre-War racing driver – will follow a new route for 2016, parts of which played host to pivotal moments in his career…

retracing 1

Like last year’s debut event, the 2016 Passione Caracciola will end in Lugano, where the three-time European GP Champion was buried following his death in 1959, after residing there since the War years. However, while the start line of last year’s tour was in the shadow of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, proceedings this year begin in Zurich, where the party will commence with the display of Caratsch’s W25 Grand Prix car.

retracing 2 retracing 3 retracing 4 retracing 5


From there, the 58-car convoy (one for every year of his life) will follow the famous Swiss mountain passes through Bern and Andermatt, not only stopping off at the Grand Café des Alpes and the new Chedi Hotel, but also retracing Caracciola’s tyretracks on the route of the old Bremgarten racetrack. It was there that Caracciola won the Swiss GP a record three times, and also suffered his career-ending injury.

retracing 7 retracing 6 retracing 8 retracing 9 retracing 10 retracing 11

Let it rain?

Despite Caracciola’s allegiance to the marque, entrants will not be restricted to a Mercedes, so expect various Alfa Romeos, Jaguars, Ferraris and Porsches to join the many Mercs. The only stipulation is that the cars are pre-1980 models – hence one entrant’s decision to honour Caracciola this year by taking along a Lancia Stratos. Here’s hoping the weather gods don’t pay their own tribute to the ‘Rainmaster’…

retracing 13 retracing 14 retracing 15 retracing 16retracing 12

Photos: Passione Caracciola/IWC

Taken from Classic Driver


Gooding rises Trident at Pebble Beach with raft of mighty Maseratis

Gooding & Co’s catalogue for its flagship Pebble Beach sale includes no fewer than eight Maseratis from the marque’s post-War zenith – as well as a late-century wildcard. Here we highlight the Trident-bearers carrying the Gooding flag at Monterey 2016…

maserati 2

Headlining the glorious gaggle of Gooding’s Monterey Maseratis is a Frua-bodied A6G/54 Spider (chassis #2191), of which only ten were built. With an estimate only available on request, the two-toned treat was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio at a press event shortly after the Argentinian had signed for the marque’s Grand Prix team in 1957, and still retains its original engine. Other interesting entries include a triple-carb 1948 Maserati A6/1500 (est. 800,000 – 1.1m USD) that claimed class wins at the 1949 and 1950 Coppa Inter-Europa, a Peacock Green 3500 GT Vignale Spider (est. 900,000 – 1.2m USD), and one of the 34 examples of Maserati’s ‘Car for Kings’, the 5000 GT Indianapolis. Retaining its original colour scheme and engine, it was the only car featured in the model brochure in period and carries a right royal 1.5m – 2m USD estimate.

maserati 1 maserati 3 maserati 4 maserati 5 maserati 6 maserati 7 maserati 8

As well as other highlights from the Golden Era of grand touring – including a rather fetching Gold-over-White leather 3500 GT that the first owner presented to his wife with a red ribbon attached – the full lotlist also includes the Pro-Class winner of the 1995 Ghibli Open Cup, which ran in conjunction with the German DTM series. Just take a look at that sparse, functional interior – the polar opposite of the elegance exhibited by its elders.

maserati 9 maserati 10 maserati 11 maserati 12 maserati 13 maserati 14 maserati 15 maserati 16 maserati 17

Photos: Gooding & Co

Taken from Vintage Driver

Events Gallery Oldtimers

Maximilian Meinel Review: US Car-Meeting at Museum of Technology, Sinsheim, 07.08.2016

Who am I? I’m Maximilian Meinel and I’m a freelance photographer from Germany and I’m also fascinated by beautiful and unique vehicles. Here’s my second review of car-event: US Car-Meeting 2016 – Sinsheim, Germany.


Around 500 vehicles has been presented by their owners on Sunday 07.08. at the area on one of the most famous technical museums in Germany. The weather also has been excellent – sunny and hot like those cars. The meeting started at 9am and lasted until 6pm.

_MAX9106 _MAX9111 _MAX9135

Mostly You could see classic cars. Those which are definitly more pupular, but You could also see modern US-Cars at this event.

_MAX9156 _MAX9176 _MAX9216

Organizers prepared some attractions, for example live-band played covered songs for a great mood.


But the best music in my ears on this day have been the sounds of Muscle-Cars, loud exhausts and squealing tires.

_MAX9222 _MAX9249 _MAX9277 _MAX9308

I guess one of the most rarely cars has been a DMC DeLorean, decorated with some beautiful details like the Hover Board and the Fluxcompensator.

_MAX9346 _MAX9401 _MAX9432 _MAX9453

Some contributors made a lot of action on the ground… ….have look at the Harley-Burnout.

_MAX9463 _MAX9479

Owners of cars have had a log trip. They came from Netherlands, France, Switzerland…

_MAX9505 _MAX9520

The date for the next US-Car-Meeting at Sinsheim is already fixed: 5th until 6th August 2017.


Maximilian Meinel
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Florian Joly Photography Gallery Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine pres. Automotive Passion vol. 04

Hi everyone, my name is Florian and I’m a french automotive photographer. Petrolhead since my youngest age I started taking photographies 7 years ago. I’m now travelling around France and Europe to try to catch them all. As I’m growing up, i’m getting more and more attracted by classic cars and specially racing cars with all the history and the drama linked to the drivers. Enjoy!


The Ferrari 275 GTB was one of the best GT of the sixties. The “Colombo” V12 produced 280ch, quite enough for the everyday life but if you still need more speed a “Competizione” version was developed and was very successful in competition. Viva Italia.

IMG_97466 IMG_97566 IMG_99488 IMG_99766

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