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Second life for your car vol. 2 King Oldtimers

Old, vintage vehicles, often called Time Vehicles, are the object of desire of many motorization enthusiasts. Beauty of these cars lies not only on the outside but also on the inside. What makes people love these exclusive vintage cars so much? Not everyone can become the owner of an authentic Oldtimer.


What do we do as KingOldtimers? First of all it should be emphasized that we deal in body and paint repairs (restoring of damaged or missing bodywork elements, sandblasting of bodywork and suspension elements, as well as maintenance of the chassis and bodywork). Furthermore, KingOldtimers also specializes in upholstery work, such as sewing, recovery of damaged interior elements, designing new elements, insulation. Additionally, we offer all types of mechanic works: renovation of suspension systems, repair of braking and drive systems, coating and regeneration of light-alloy wheels.

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KingOldtimers worked on the restoration of such vehicles as Mercedes Pagoda, Mercedes SL W107 and SL W129, Mercedes 230 CE 1982. Currently we are in the middle of a complex restoration of two models of Mercedes SL W107 1979 and Mercedes W108 1972.

9 (2) 10 (3)

We offer both Parigi and Nappa leathers, from the best tanneries in Europe. Leather may also be perforated, which only confirms the high quality of leather that may be used as car upholstery. Our offer contains original Bentley, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Volkwswagen leather. What distinguishes us is our ability to sew on the imitation of leather – while still preserving the original colour and texture (identical to those used in 1970s or 1980s). Our wide offer also includes Alcantara products (suede) in all colours – also perforated. We also provide our customers with velour carpets in all colours and a wide variety of woven carpets dedicated to Oldtimers.

8 (1) 10 (2)

Every order is executed with precision and in compliance with the customer’s expectations based on the agreed schedule. Sewing standard upholstery takes from 3 to 5 days (excluding transport/shipment). Preparation of the entire interior – from the floor, through upholstery of car seats and door sides, up to the roof takes from 10 to 14 days. When mechanics or body painting is concerned – it all depends on the condition of the vehicle. We discuss the scope of works together with the customer and evaluate the vehicle’s technical condition. All works take from 1,5 to 6 months – with active engagement on our part.

8 10 (1)

KingOldtimers is a competition for many companies in the Western Europe and our tight team and many years of experience guarantee the success of every project. However, the best argument are the prices and company location in Szczecin 20km from the German border (120 kilometres from Berlin) and in close proximity to Scandinavia, which opens the door to a large number of new customers.

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Transport: for Scandinavian countries 2 times a week (possible collection from customers’ homes!), rest of Europe – once a week.

Ask us a question, send a photograph of your car, tell us what you want to do with it and we will tell you our vision – it’s free! See what we can do! You are welcome to cooperate with us.

Thanks for your attention. In case, if You missed the first part of the article Click here to read vol. 1 of “Second Life for Your Car”.

INCARDesign Team

P.S. For all readers and members of we have a 25% discount until 31 July for sewing leather upholstery or free transport (both ways). Discount password: KINGOLDTIMERS.

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baner-kingoldtimers-do-artykuBów zniżki


Interview Oldtimers

OLDTIMERS MAGAZINE ASKS: Harry Knaack, who’s fan of Volvo!

After one month we come back with our serie called Oldtimers Magazine Asks. Today we’re talking with Harry Knaack, who’s a real fan of classic Volvo!


Oldtimers Magazine: Firstly tell us, who is Harry Knaack?

Harry Knaack: I am a 44 years old man, born and grown up in Lower-Saxony, West-Germany. Now I’m living in the former East-Germany, because the love and the job. I’m an employee in the justice-system. Hobbies are photographing, traveling, biking and my “Volvo-Cheese-Moose” :), called “Maya the bee” by my woman, who is not interested in classic-cars.



OM: What was the first car that You ever drove?

HK: My first car was an Opel Kadett C City from 1977. I owned this car from 1990 to 1994.

WP_20160715_006 WP_20160715_007

OM: When did You start Your adventure with classic cars? What cars did You have in Your collection?

HK: The Volvo 66 is my only classic car. For business and longer rides I have a modern Mitsubishi.


OM: What is special about driving an old car to You?

HK: Deliberate slowness in hectic times, waiver of comfort and fascination in a simple but genius technology.




OM: What is Your car-dream?

HK: Borgward Isabella Coupé from 1960.



OM: Why some kind of fashion for old cars – is becoming more popular now?

HK: I can only tell my own experiences. The 1970th years are the time of my childhood. It was a hopefull, colored and a little bit strange time. And I like ABBA. 😀



OM: Why Volvo? What’s special with this car? (In Your opinion)

HK: The most interesting thing of this car is the Variomatic – transmission. Riding without shifting and shifting-breaks is full of fun and fascination. Although the car has only 45 hp, you can win some little traffic-light races. And the car is backwards fast as forward. Then: My Volvo has a Swedish mother, a Dutch Grandma (DAF), an Italian father (Designed by Giovanni Michelotti) and a French heart (Renault-engine). So it has a fantastic European dimension.

The Volvo is cheap like a Trabant today, but it is much more rare in my region. And finally the large Volvos were in former East-German-times representative and very expensive cars for Presidents and Ministers. The most people in the East never saw such a little, friendly and funny Volvo.




OM: Do You take a part in some events, meetings of Volvo Fans?

HK: I’m a member of the German DAF-Club and I like to ride to 4 or 5 open meetings in my region.


OM: Thanks for nice conversation Harry. Do You want to add something?

HK: Yes, here is a link to my club’s website: DAF ClubThanks for this interview 🙂

Florian Joly Photography Gallery Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine pres. Automotive Passion vol. 02

Hi everyone, my name is Florian and I’m a french automotive photographer. Petrolhead since my youngest age I started taking photographies 7 years ago. I’m now travelling around France and Europe to try to catch them all. As I’m growing up, i’m getting more and more attracted by classic cars and specially racing cars with all the history and the drama linked to the drivers. Enjoy!


Today I present to you the Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Spyder Series I, around 230 pieces were built between 1957 and 1962 to cruise on the finest road and more than fifty years laters this car is still so attractive. You will in fact need around 4 millions $ to buy one today..

IMG_85077 IMG_84422 IMG_83399_modifié-1 IMG_83288

Find Florian Joly Photography on:

Official Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Flickr

Events Oldtimers

Oldtimersdag Appelscha in Hildenberg, Netherlands

Today we want to show You an event, which will take place on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. Organizers say: “The best day of the year”, is it true? This will be the 10th Oldtimerdag Appelscha!


Put your hand on a hot stove, a minute seems like an hour. Be with that special woman and an hour seems like a minute. That’s relativity as telling the German-born scientist and creator of the theory of relativity Einstein once. Which he wants to say that time flies when you’re having fun.

13702338_291317161220367_538249594_o 13720427_291317137887036_1555512580_o

That time flies is clear, because it is already time for the Oldtimerdag Appelscha. A hint of this bygone time can be sampled on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 in Appelscha, because there will be again for the tenth time, from 9:00 to 18:00 pm, organized Oldtimerdag.

13692389_291317264553690_991425743_o 13699413_291317234553693_198712535_o 13711458_291317134553703_1273779174_o

During this day will, often after years of restoration, several old trucks, buses, bicycles, tractors, motorcycles, cars, Solex, army vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles and stationary engines from model year 1900 to 1988, again be admired in its full glory his. Some with full charge, others with directors at that time, dress appropriately. Others with owners who, on the basis of photographs, fun stories to tell about their vehicle.

13702438_291315384553878_682106493_o 13711452_291316404553776_1418883707_o 13720653_291315391220544_260670912_o

Oldtimerdag Appelscha
Postbus 77
8426 ZN Appelscha
Tel: 0516-432300
Fax: 0516-432629
 Official Website



Second life for your car vol. 1: INCARDesign

Old, vintage vehicles, often called Time Vehicles, are the object of desire of many motorization enthusiasts. Beauty of these cars lies not only on the outside but also on the inside. What makes people love these exclusive vintage cars so much? Not everyone can become the owner of an authentic Oldtimer.

zdjecie do artykulu z napisem

People, who decide to buy a vintage car want to stand out and own something unique, extraordinary, with class and with soul, or simply to make an investment. Owning an Oldtimer is definitely a privilege but not for everyone – only for the chosen ones. Maybe this is why they are so enchanting. However, it should emphasized that completing and renovating the entire vehicle is expensive and time-consuming.


When the work is done, we feel like we have travelled in time, while still staying in the present. Here INCARDesign comes in handy. It is a company that specializes in sewing car upholstery and complex car renovation, both Youngtimers and Oldtimers, all under the name of KingOldtimers.


What is characteristic for KingOldtimers is completing all orders on time, with due care, professionalism and high quality materials. Attractive prices, good location and many years of experience are all the things that attract a lot of customers. The companies also offer comfortable and quick transport services. INCARDesign and KingOldtimers are open for customers all over Europe, however the proximity of Scandinavia makes it particularly interesting.


Location near the Polish-German border and closeness to the sea make it possible to transport cars and interior elements from Scandinavia quickly and easily by a ferry or a highway through Germany. Below Filip Król, the originator and owner of both companies, will tell you why it is worth entrusting your favourite, precious and most important car to INCARDesign and KingOldtimers.


INCARDesign has 11 years of experience on the market, yet we are still a young and dynamically developing company. Every year we gain more experience, which is a result of cooperation with such renowned companies as Lamborghini and Mercedes in Berlin. We offer our services to many private and regular (satisfied) users of Porsche and Mercedes. We have performed such unusual orders as designing and complex exchange of the entire interior of McLaren SLR.

Many of our customers come from Scandinavia. They are also enthusiasts of vintage vehicles, for whom details and properly selected materials are most important. These are the orders we like most – complicated and specific – this is when we can show what we can really do.


The scope of our work includes the following: designing and sewing of car upholstery (as original or custom-made), profiling of car seats, upholstering of dashboards in leather, complex renovation of interiors in Old-timers and Young timers, sewing of roofs for convertibles. We also deal in insulating and maintenance of interiors, renovation of damaged and missing interior elements, as well as leather embroidering.


Our company designed and executed projects of interiors for such cars as BMW X6, Mercedes GL and ML W164, Mercedes E and E Coupe, Porsche 996 and 997 or Lamborghini Mucilage, Hummer, Mercedes SLR.


As INCARDesign we decided to expand our activity to meet the expectations of our customers and trends on the automotive market. This is how an idea of KingOldtimers took its shape. Highest quality of our services was appreciated by many satisfied customers, for whom vintage cars are a passion and a lifestyle. Our team consists of the best specialists with many years of experience.

All orders are executed based on agreements and previously prepared work schedules. We always remember to keep in contact with our contractors (we send them pictures that document all stages of work).


For all readers and members of we have a 25% discount until 31 July for sewing leather upholstery or free transport (both ways). Discount password: OMID2016.

INCARDesign website     |     Write an email to INCARDesign

INCARDesign Team

Florian Joly Photography Gallery Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine pres. Automotive Passion vol. 01

Hi everyone, my name is Florian and I’m a french automotive photographer. Petrolhead since my youngest age I started taking photographies 7 years ago. I’m now travelling around France and Europe to try to catch them all. As I’m growing up, i’m getting more and more attracted by classic cars and specially racing cars with all the history and the drama linked to the drivers. Enjoy!


Today I would like to share with you one my favorite cars, the Aston Martin DB4 GTZ. Based on the DB4 GT, the italian designer Zagato produced in 1960 19 pieces of a lighter and more powerful version, called the GTZ. The purpose was to challenge the Ferrari 250 GTO in the world sportscar championship.

IMG_18822 IMG_18644 IMG_19055 IMG_18622 IMG_18299

Find Florian Joly Photography on:

Official Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Flickr


Let this Porsche 911 and Ferrari Daytona take you back to 1972…

One look at the two cars pictured here – a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ and a Porsche 911S 2.4 – should take you back five decades quicker than Doc Brown’s Delorean. Simon de Burton reminisces about brighter times…

porsche i daytona 1

If you know your 911S colour codes, this Sepia Brown should speak of the early 1970s, when Tangerine, Signal Yellow and Gulf Orange were also on offer. The Ferrari Daytona comes from the same year, albeit painted not in the typical Rosso Corsa, but rather a vibrant orange hue named Rosso Dino.

porsche i daytona 2

It was in 1972 the both the Porsche and the Ferrari seen here rolled from their respective production lines and headed off into a brave new era, where people were encouraged to wear Terylene trousers and live in ‘Brutalist’ blocks formed from concrete, such as architect Ernesto Goldfinger’s futuristic Trellick Tower in west London.

porsche i daytona 3 porsche i daytona 6

A vintage year…

It was a big year for me, 1972: I got my first new bicycle (Raleigh Tomahawk), met the man who was to become my step-father (didn’t like him), decided to be a monk when I grew up (that didn’t work out) and was introduced to former/future Prime Minister Harold Wilson (who mumbled at me with his pipe in).

Today, we’re quite used to seeing Ferraris and Porsches prowling the streets. But when these two were new, they were the type of cars that turned heads wherever they went – proper exotica that motor-mad English schoolboys (such as I) had to be dragged away from at the Earls Court Motor Show. Just as they appear in Simon Clay’s photographs, such rarities shone out like beacons in a world that, architecturally at least, seemed to be turning grey.

porsche i daytona 4 porsche i daytona 5

Who would have thought…?

Back then, there just weren’t as many rich people in the world to buy cars costing this sort of crazy money: four years earlier, my mother had taken delivery of a brand new Triumph Vitesse convertible that cost £1,500 (around $3,900 at the exchange rate of the time). The 911S, however, weighed in at $10,000 and the Daytona was $22,000 – but who would’ve guessed that they would today be worth $200,000-plus and more than a million respectively?

porsche i daytona 8

Mind you, who could possibly have predicted that Terylene trousers might fall out of favour? Or that the Chinese would take three years to use as much concrete as America went through in a century?

porsche i daytona 9 porsche i daytona7

Photos: Simon Clay

Origin: Classic Driver

Oldtimers Video

This Jensen Fits Right

At first blush, leaving Italy to go in search of a beautiful vintage car seems as unnecessary as leaving Tahiti to look for the perfect beach. But when a man takes a fancy to a particular car, he sometimes has no choice but to cast a wider net.


Such is the story of Gianfranco Giovine and his 1954 Jensen 541. Perhaps he wanted to set himself apart from all the Lancias and Fiats and Alfa Romeos on Italy’s roads, or perhaps it was simply the challenge of tracking down a car that is seldom seen outside of Britain. Whatever the case, Giovine, after much searching and dreaming, finally found his car in Ireland, where he wasted no time in signing a sales contract and arranging for shipping back to Italy.

While Giovine has had to adjust to right-hand drive–a transition made all the more challenging by the narrow roads and streets around his hometown–he quickly developed a love affair with the car’s lines and with its powerful six-cylinder engine, a powerplant that shares much in common with the Austin Healeys of the day.

Much like a man might finally settle down after winning the love of the woman of his dreams, Giovine has no plans to part with his beloved Jensen.

Taken from Petrolicious


What Classic Would You Prefer With An Automatic Transmission?

Please, as civil human to civil human, don’t chuck that keyboard-lit Molotov cocktail of a hot take my way. We can discuss this without me ending up impaled with a virtual pitchfork, right? I’ll be the first to declare: I prefer a manual in almost every circumstance. But we’re here, right now, to discuss the possibility of buying a slush box classic.


Now, one of the biggest reasons we’re all so infatuated with outdated automobiles boils down to the way they deliver driving. Classics engage the driver that numb modern vehicles can’t hold a candle to. A firm third pedal and wobbly shifter directly connect the wheelman more than any other feature. Though I’ve seen too many try, you can’t really half-ass drive a manual vehicle.

The machine needs you. Gridlock traffic or not, there’s no cop-out available. But that’s the beauty of it, right? You can’t just slap it in “Drive” and zone out like the rest on the roadways: you’re forced to constantly judge braking and up/down shift—which, arguably makes you a more tentative driver.


Aside from the requirement to shift in a manual, if you actually want to go anywhere, it’s just good old fashioned fun. Quick rev-matched downshifts and screaming redline upshifts are actions that make you feel in control, which is why so many gearheads treat automatics as autotragics. But there has to be an exception, no?

Of the dozens of vehicles I’ve had the honor of owning, only one has been self-shifting: my 1984 Toyota Century. Granted, Toyota abandoned the manual for its flagship as soon as they mastered the AT gearbox…in 1975. The plush sedan was built for hauling dignitaries, not for carving canyons, despite my attempt to prove otherwise.

The Century is perfectly suited with a smooth shifting auto. In fact, it’d be a little ridiculous with a manual. Personally, I feel most luxury automobiles are better suited with a drive selector (column shift preferred) because it fits their posh personality more appropriately. But what other types of vehicles would an automatic be preferred?


Grand Tourers come to mind. Primarily built with the idea of comfortably carrying two-to-four at an efficient pace, these distant journey cruisers are meant to missile down the motorway—a forum that doesn’t often offer optimal manual shifting activity. I’ll take an automatic Citroen SM, please.

I suppose someone could make an argument for trucks, vans, and big-body sedans. Which classics do you prefer with an automatic transmission?

Taken from Petrolicious

Advices Oldtimers


We come back with KingOldtimers serie in our Magazine. Last time we presented to you Mercedes-Benz SL W107 from 1979. Today we want to show you next work from INCARDesign’s workshop: BMW X6. What works have been done?


Whole project from the beginning to the end was made by the company: INCARDesign.


BMW X6 originally had a smooth (without pattern) leather seats and door panels in beige. The company INCARDesign replaced beige leather on black. They used the original leather BMW Dakota Schwarz 7612. For better passengers’comfort – on the means of seats leather is perforated.


To obtain a better impression of the interior they used pattern Caro, that was sewn on a machine with double needle feed. For better emphasize the formula they used coarse thread. Everything was shaped with harder sponge once again.


INCARDesign website    |    King Oldtimers website    |    King Oldtimers facebook 

For greater consistency with the rest of the components inside, including for example dashboard (which is now with two colors) – they finished new black seats and side doors by beige periphery. Those peripheries has been made of beige leather – original BMW Dakota Beige 7594. It fits perfectly with the rest of the original beige elements inside the car.


INCARDesign also changed wood slats. To endow some kind of sportiness character, they sealed slats with the model Carbon Monza 3D.


Thank you for your attention! And keep looking for next article from How it’s made series. 

P.S. If you want to get discount for INCARDesign or KingOldtimers services, just write to us! Our mail: