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Oldtimers Magazine meets: Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb

Oldtimers Magazine meets is our next brand-new series. In this cycle we will present You clubs from Europe. In last article we showed You Dansk Ford A Klub. Today it’s time for Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb. Sit comfortably, read this story and… Meet the Club!

11391607_1529120063975184_2521075343154418817_nNorsk Veteranvogn Klubb was established during an “expedition” to Gjøvik in 1952, when a Rover from 1907 was saved.


Fortunately, the car is still owned by the club, and participates in the most important events. Norsk Veteranvogn klubb has approximately 1400 members and is Norway’s leading club for vehicles of historical interest. The club’s mission is to help its members to trace, restore and care for such vehicles, 30 years and older.

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Our club magazine “Veteranvognposten” is distributed to our members 6 times per year.


Throughout the year, we have member meetings once a week where the emphasis is on the social as well as the historical interest.


Rallies and other arrangements are normally carried out from April to October. However, the season has been somewhat extended, given that there is always some enthusiasts who takes part in “Den Første Ordentlige Vaarmønstring” (The first Real Spring Meet) which for years has started from University Square in Oslo on January 1st. The trip ends at Frognerseteren, where ice cream is served outdoors to those driving open cars or motor bikes.

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The highlight of our rally calendar is the “Automobile race Sandvigen Sundvolden” which takes place every year in early September. Around 100-150 vintage and historic vehicle more than 30 years old in original or restored condition, take part in this two days “race”.

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Twice a year, in the beginning of May and September, Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb arranges Norway’s largest swap meet (flea market), Ekebergmarkedet. Here you will find automotive parts, supplies, books, magazines, and vehicles from wrecks to restored ones. In addition you will find other things of interest for the rest of the family, make time to visit Ekeberg Camping in Oslo this day. The size of the market makes it something special. You are likely to find something that you would like to buy, maybe it is something that you even need!

Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb is a nationwide club, but our meetings take place in Oslo.

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History Written by Christin Bjørnrud.


Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb
Postboks 5379 Majorstuen
0304 Oslo

Check Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb here:

Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb Website

Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb Facebook


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