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You Could Be the Next Owner of Alton Brown’s 1971 BMW 2002

The Georgia chef’s beloved BMW 2002 is for sale for $19,900.​


In the minds of most enthusiasts, the 2002 is the car that started it all for BMW. If you’ve been looking to pick one up, maybe consider this one that’s currently owned by Alton Brown, the noted host of shows like Good Eats and Iron Chef America.


The car in question is a 1971 BMW 2002 in Nevada Grey being sold for $19,900. It was repainted about 10 years ago but otherwise appears to be in pretty good condition. The fact that it’s owned by a celebrity is great, and there are a few flaws from regular use, but as the listing says, “the car stands on its own merits and would be a welcome addition to any BMW enthusiast’s garage.”


Brown’s 2002 comes with new factory tii wheels and new tires, and is said to be free of rust. Its seats are Recaros from an E21 and have recently been reupholstered, while the steering wheel is a period Alpina. The car has also been converted to a five-speed transmission and rides on a combination of Bilstein shocks and H&R springs.


While it has 150,000 miles on the odometer and isn’t in factory-original condition, the listing says it’s been set up well and is a lot of fun to drive.

Plus, you get to tell people you’re driving Alton Brown’s car. Who doesn’t like Alton Brown?


Taken from RoadandTrack

Clubs Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine meets: Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb

Oldtimers Magazine meets is our next brand-new series. In this cycle we will present You clubs from Europe. In last article we showed You Dansk Ford A Klub. Today it’s time for Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb. Sit comfortably, read this story and… Meet the Club!

11391607_1529120063975184_2521075343154418817_nNorsk Veteranvogn Klubb was established during an “expedition” to Gjøvik in 1952, when a Rover from 1907 was saved.


Fortunately, the car is still owned by the club, and participates in the most important events. Norsk Veteranvogn klubb has approximately 1400 members and is Norway’s leading club for vehicles of historical interest. The club’s mission is to help its members to trace, restore and care for such vehicles, 30 years and older.

1977302_1431685370385321_5756454703926394150_n 10351884_1431685313718660_4116824712268830276_n

Our club magazine “Veteranvognposten” is distributed to our members 6 times per year.


Throughout the year, we have member meetings once a week where the emphasis is on the social as well as the historical interest.


Rallies and other arrangements are normally carried out from April to October. However, the season has been somewhat extended, given that there is always some enthusiasts who takes part in “Den Første Ordentlige Vaarmønstring” (The first Real Spring Meet) which for years has started from University Square in Oslo on January 1st. The trip ends at Frognerseteren, where ice cream is served outdoors to those driving open cars or motor bikes.

10364132_1431685983718593_1931379969898493613_n 10698392_1431685217052003_2779745805114542347_n

The highlight of our rally calendar is the “Automobile race Sandvigen Sundvolden” which takes place every year in early September. Around 100-150 vintage and historic vehicle more than 30 years old in original or restored condition, take part in this two days “race”.

10945530_1558710584349465_4877007867514135685_n 10805702_1431651453722046_6292734656407859474_n

Twice a year, in the beginning of May and September, Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb arranges Norway’s largest swap meet (flea market), Ekebergmarkedet. Here you will find automotive parts, supplies, books, magazines, and vehicles from wrecks to restored ones. In addition you will find other things of interest for the rest of the family, make time to visit Ekeberg Camping in Oslo this day. The size of the market makes it something special. You are likely to find something that you would like to buy, maybe it is something that you even need!

Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb is a nationwide club, but our meetings take place in Oslo.

1508648_1431795087041016_7508105786192680405_n 10390570_1572110493009474_1938400634946424396_n12115535_1572110499676140_5392490407878648924_n11986472_1558892044331319_5499074427699093453_n

History Written by Christin Bjørnrud.


Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb
Postboks 5379 Majorstuen
0304 Oslo

Check Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb here:

Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb Website

Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb Facebook



Buy a 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster From Sotheby’s

The famed auctioneers at Sotheby’s are auctioning off a 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster that simply oozes style.


Freshly restored by Rudi & Company, the Roadster has classy grey leather interiors that match its chrome paint job, and is equipped with a 2,996cc overhead-cam six-cylinder engine that imbues it with brawn to match its beauty.

mercedez-benz-300-slr-roadster-1958-02 mercedez-benz-300-slr-roadster-1958-03

It was a landmark car for the German auto manufacturer as it utilized an innovative space-frame chassis coupled with a race-bred, fuel-injected engine, the first of its kind fitted to a production car.

Set to be auctioned off on January 29, bidding starts at $1,250,000. If you happen to have this sort of money, head over to Sotheby’s for more details.

mercedez-benz-300-slr-roadster-1958-05 mercedez-benz-300-slr-roadster-1958-04

Afterwards, check out the most eagerly awaited cars of 2016.

Taken from: highsnobiety

Oldtimers Video

This Volvo P1800 is a Watchmaker’s Design Cue

“It’s not expensive, it’s a Volvo.”


John Patterson doesn’t live in a typical city, in a typical state…and he certainly doesn’t drive the typical car. On the Hawaiian island of Kauai, 105 miles northwest of O’ahu, Patterson designs and builds watches. He also owns a Volvo P1800.

He also drives to and from his workplace—if you can call it that—on a 58 mile-long ‘U’-shaped road that goes nowhere. “There’s nowhere to go, so having a car is not a way to express your independence and how you’re going to leave and go out on the open road to have an adventure,” Patterson says, “You’re really just going to drive it around…and then go home the same way you went.”

volvo-p1800Owning a vintage vehicle on the island presents its own set of challenges: there are no mechanics for vintage cars, no dealerships, and to get any part—no matter how small—depends on it making its way to Kauai. Patterson does all of the work on the P1800 himself.

It looks great, sounds great, and looks far nicer than it is—but the P1800, he says, is a modest classic. “It’s not expensive, it’s a Volvo.”


Taken from Petrolicious.


This 1963 Volkswagen Microbus and Camping Trailer Has 23 Windows

First introduced in 1950, the Volkswagen Microbus took on a cult following from both hippies and campers alike, rising to iconic status in the world of automobiles.

1963-volkswagen-microbus-01 1963-volkswagen-microbus-02 1963-volkswagen-microbus-03

Now, collectors can fill their nostalgic void with this 1963 Volkswagen Microbus and camping trailer that’s up for auction at Sotheby’s. Re-igniting the era of the ’60s, the 23 window vehicle lets you take in the outdoors, while also offering panoramic views through its window roof.

1963-volkswagen-microbus-04 1963-volkswagen-microbus-05 1963-volkswagen-microbus-10

Given the original engines lack of oomph, the owner gave it an upgrade, dropping in a much more grunty 50 horsepower 1585cc flat-4, alongside a 1967 Eriba Puck camping trailer – for those who prefer the road less traveled.


The rare trailer features a two burner propane stove, sink, dining table, a pop-up roof, and twin beds – making for a kitted out camping companion. For more vintage adventures, be sure to peep the Land rover Series III.

1963-volkswagen-microbus-12 1963-volkswagen-microbus-07

Origin: highsnobiety


Singer Presents Two Incredible New Porsche 911s

When it comes to the restoration of a Porsche 911, not many can compete with Singer Vehicle Design. The company unveiled two of the newest re-imagined 911s which will debut at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and The Palm Event.

singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-4 singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-5

Singer’s cars are all based on the Porsche 964 and they come with absolutely no compromise. You are getting the best of both worlds – new technology, yet with the same old iconic design and simply incredible details, including a reskin of the whole car in carbon fiber.

singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-7 singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-6

Each car is a one-off and named after its geographic home. The two newest members of the Singer family you can check out here above. The North Carolina comes with a Blood Red Dark finish and black leather interior and the Florida comes with a Hemingway Blue paint job on Sand Beige interior.

singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-1 singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-3

With prices ranging from $200,000 to $400,000, working with Singer Vehicle Design is not cheap, but there is also simply nothing else like it. porsche porsche 911

singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-4a singer-vehicle-design-porsche-911-2

Taken from: highsnobiety

Advices Oldtimers

KINGOLDTIMERS PRESENTS: How it’s made. Mercedes-Benz SL W129 from 1992.

Last week we presented to You Wartburg 1000 made by KingOldtimers. This week we want to show you next work of this special team from Poland. So today we present Mercedes-Benz SL W129 from 1992 year. What works have been done?


1. Full sheet-paint repair

05 02

2. New leather interior, NAPPA Mercedes (original), leather seats perforated. They also sewn new soft roof headliner.

08 01

3. Complete engine, and transmission repaired, new exhaust system.


4. Renovation of aluminium rims,polished.


5. Original Mercedes paint and also plastic materials inside the car are protected by teflon.

06 06 05

As you can see in the pictures – in about four months, you can restore your old car and give him a second life for next decades. Restored car is not only a satisfaction of owning something unique, but it is also a good capital / investment, which will pay off in the future. If you have a car, which needs restoration, contact with the specialists from the company KingOldtimers. We recommend it!

08 02

03 0807 05

Thank you for your attention! And keep looking for next article from How it’s made series.

King Oldtimers website

King Oldtimers facebook


Gallery Oldtimers

Oldtimers Magazine pres. Automotive Photography vol. 4

I’m Jevgeniy, but You can call me Jev. Been in landscape photography for a while, but recently combined the two passions of mine and I started shooting cars. Having a personal opinion on modern cars, I’ve sort of stuck with oldtimers with E30 topping my list. Just like it, because of it agressive looks. I could go on and on about myself, but I think it’s better to let my photography proceed with our conversation.

Automotive Photography baner1

Today I present to You Mercedes 190 SL from 1957 with full body off restauration.

IMG_168901 IMG_171801 IMG_173101 IMG_174601   IMG_184901 IMG_186501 IMG_196301 IMG_188801 IMG_189901 IMG_191501 IMG_197401 IMG_200001 IMG_201301 IMG_178401 IMG_178901 IMG_180801 IMG_182501

Photos by Jevgeniy Vyazovoy

Automotive Photography on Facebook

Oldtimers Video

The Rise of the Porsche 912

The Rise of the Porsche 912. You won’t look at this model the same way again. porsche 912 3In the latest installment of autoblog Petrolicious’ video series, the publication features graphic designer Antoine Gaslais and his 1967 Porsche 912. Long-considered the “four-cylinder 911,” the model is unfortunately often overlooked as a lesser version of its more popular counterpart. Although he admits that he initially considered the purchase a “stupid mistake”, Gaslais has definitely grown to appreciate its vintage aesthetic and smooth running thanks to a dedicated process of refurbishment. Employing a distinct Bahama Yellow exterior finish, this unique Porsche 912 is sure to urge any gearhead to take a second look. You can check out Antoine’s full story above.

Origin: petrolicious/hypebeast


Here Are the Most Expensive Celebrity Car Collections in the World

Floyd Mayweather, David Beckham and Ralph Lauren all make the cut.

British creative agency Quba has teamed up with to compile a list of the seven most expensive celebrity car collections in the world. There are surely more outrageous private collections our there belonging to billionaires and royal families but some of the vehicles mentioned here are pretty impressive nonetheless, most notably a 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Vintage worth an outrageous £28,000,000 GBP.


Unsurprisingly Floyd Mayweather makes the list along with fellow athletes Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham, while comedians Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld also make an appearance, both of whom have their own car-related internet series. Rounding out the list are designer Ralph Lauren and actor Rowan Atkinson, best known for his portrayal of Mr. Bean.

Taken from hypebeast