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Available next month at the Quail Lodge Auction.

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Carrozzeria Ghia has quite the resume and their 1953 8V Supersonic is surely one of the biggest highlights on that impressive list. This incredible example is hitting the Quail Lodge Auction in August and according to Bonhams, this was the tenth 8V Supersonic built by Carrozzeria Ghia. The car was in the same hands for more than 40 years before it went through a thorough eight-year restoration costing over $600,000.

31 grudnia 2 31 grudnia 3 To get the restoration just right, Fiat 8V expert Paul Lazaros was called in and oversaw the process. His expertise proved to be beyond useful as Lazaros owned the original 8V Supersonic prototype and had a digital analysis done to achieve an accurate and technologically precise restoration.

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The comprehensive restoration included a transmission rebuild, recreated tail lamps and wheel discs, Italian doeskin-tan leather seats, original Borrani wire wheels, and much more. Expected to go for $1.8-$2.4 million, the 8V Supersonic will go up for bid on August 14th.

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The Unlikely Story of the Ferrari-Beating Shelby Daytona Coupe

In a forgotten corner of Carroll Shelby’s shop, Pete Brock and a bunch of California hot-rodders created a car to defeat Ferrari on its own turf.

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Fifty years ago, on July 4, 1965, a car created by a handful of California hot-rodders won America its first FIA manufacturers’ road-racing championship. That machine, the 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, was the brainchild of designer Peter Brock. From Carroll Shelby’s shop in Los Angeles, it went to Daytona, Sebring, and Europe. And chiefly, it took down Ferrari, winner of 10 FIA sports-car titles in the previous 12 years.

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¬†Just six Daytona Coupes were made. The car fit into a loophole in FIA rules that allowed manufacturers to rebody an existing model for competition‚ÄĒthe same loophole that produced the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO, the Daytona’s main rival. As such, the Daytona was mechanically identical to Shelby’s Cobra roadster, complete with a 289 Ford V-8.

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A rare stunner in blue.

29 grudnia 2One of the most incredible car designs to ever come out of Italy has to be the Lancia Stratos. Collectors and enthusiasts alike simply can’t get enough of the car and one of the most beautiful examples of the 492 made is making its way to the auction block at the RM Sotheby’s sale in London.

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This stunner in blue is body number 445, originally registered in Italy in 1975 and only saw less than a handful of owners. The car features its original drivetrain and features a matching-numbers chassis, engine, and body.

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The Stratos features a 192-hp Dino V-6 with Weber carburettors, front and rear independent suspension, MacPherson struts, ventilated disc brakes, and of course, a five-speed manual transmission.

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The British marque commemorates 65 years of the Plus 4 with a limited edition high-performance model.

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The British marque commemorates 65 years of the Plus 4 with a limited edition high-performance model.Launching at the Silverstone Classic, Morgan marks 65 years of the Plus 4’s production with a limited edition model built by their motorsport division, AR Motorsport. The quintessentially British car has been a favorite of enthusiasts since the ’50s and its unmistakable silhouette manages to still turn heads wherever it goes.

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The special edition AR Plus 4 will be released in a limited run of 50 cars, each of which will feature 2.0L, 225-hp Cosworth engines that are tuned by their AR Motorsport engineers. It also gets a brand new suspension, adjustable shocks, a new braking system, tweaked axle ratio, and an updated chassis.

As for the exterior, the AR Plus 4 takes those classic lines and mixes it up untrimmed and exposed aluminum that hint at the car’s lightweight performance while the interior remains luxurious and plus with loads of leather and box weave carpeting. The hood and body also gets soundproofing upgrades to reduce noise and LED-lighting is featured throughout the car.

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Watch and Listen to Seven Minutes of a Hillclimbing Ferrari 250 GTO

More than 400 seconds of uninterrupted V12 harmonic bliss.

The Ferrari GTO is one of the most sought-after cars ever, and this one is a particularly special one owned by the legendary Phil Hill. Hill was one of the few Americans to succeed in European races back in the 1960′s, holding a Formula One championship and and three Le Mans. His Ferrari GTO 250 is driven by his son, an accomplished racer in his own right. Check out this video of the iconic car being driven up a hill by a great driver and enjoy.

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Meet one of the rarest Ferraris in the world.

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One of the most important cars to go on sale next month at Pebble Beach is a stunning 1962 “Sharknose” Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Speciale. What makes this car such a treasure is that it is one of the first cars to be styled by automotive design legend,¬†Giorgetto Giugiaro, who at the time was working for¬†Giuseppe ‚ÄúNuccio‚ÄĚ Bertone at¬†Carrozzeria Bertone, one of the world’s leading coachbuilders.

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Purchased in 1962 by Bertone, the¬†250 GT SWB chassis was to be built for Nuccio’s own personal use as he looked to the then 23 year old Giugiaro to help bring his idea to fruition. The designers took inspiration from the¬†156 F1, as well as the 330 TRI LM and 246 SP racing cars to create the aggressive yet elegant styling complete with a sharknose front end.

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Since then, the car lived quite a life under various owners finally ending up in the hand’s of collector,¬†Lorenzo Zambrano, who’s Ferrari has been an award-winning centerpiece to his collection of postwar Italian sports cars. The car is expected to break records at next month’s auction with an estimated sale price of¬†$14,000,000 – $16,000,000.

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1962 Ferrari 250GT SWB Berlinetta Speciale

Origin: acquiremag


Jay Leno Takes Joe Rogan’s 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Restomod for a Spin

Leno and the UFC announcer hit the road in Rogan’s restomod classic.

For the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the comedian and now retired late night host linked up with none other than UFC announcer and fellow comedian Joe Rogan to hit the road in a unique classic: a restomod take on the gorgeous 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Rejuvenated thanks to the killer customization of Pure Vision’s Steve Strope, the updated convertible includes an all-new interior while the power has been thoroughly upgraded with the addition of a supercharger for the LS1 V8.

chevrolet corvette 2 chevrolet corvette

Check it out above as Leno and Rogan shoot the breeze and take the automobile for a spin along the sun-soaked hillside of Los Angeles.

Origin: hypebeast / Autoblog


Partners: Oldtimers Group

In this series we would like to present You our Partners. First post is about Oldtimers Group Рpopular facebook group of cars enthusiasts.

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Group for all lovers of historical  (oldtimer) vehicles and traffic culture. Antiques:

1. Cars
2. Motorcycles
3. Bikes
4. Trucks
5. Buses
6. ATVs
7. personalities and events from the world of historical vehicles

The Oldtimers¬†Group was formed in 2008 by Nikola Vuckovic VuArt, as a place for all things related to antiquities, primarily old-timers, as well as other related interests in the area, linked to the periods in which the vehicles actively used (eg items, photos, fashion …). The Group operates within the social network “Facebook” mainly in the Serbian language.

The group deals with the following:

1. Introduction and gathering of all lovers of historic vehicles;
2. The exchange of information, experiences and advice.
3. Popularization of vintage culture in ex-Yu
4. Historical – research, in order to preserve the information, photographs, data and samples from this area.

The Group currently has over 10 000 members, and two organized classic events, as well as a couple of exhibitions of classic cars. Members of the group are active in clubs, organizing events, socializing, sharing advice, rescue and restoration of historical vehicles. Information on activities can be seen in magazines and web pages dealing with this topic.

Check their group: Oldtimers Group on Facebook

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Written by Nikola Vuckovic, the former of Oldtimers Group.